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Industrial Water Chiller of the working principle

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Industrial Water Chiller of the working principle

Issue Time:2010-08-12

?? The Industrial Water Chiller refrigerant enters the heat exchanger in the form of a liquid. As the liquid refrigerant comes in contact with the sealed tubes that contain the water, it "flashes" into a gas. This flashing of the refrigerant, from a liquid into a gas, is when the heat is exchanged from the warmer water through the metal tubes and into the refrigerant. The heat that is now in the gas is carried away by the suction of the compressor. The compressor can then move this hot gas from the heat exchanger and then cool it by passing it through a condenser. Let us see industrial water chillers working principle

??? Industrial Water Chiller range in size from the common cold drinking fountain to large industrial chillers that can accommodate thousands of gallons of liquid. Regardless of the size, water chillers all perform the same function--to cool down the liquid to a desired temperature. Industrial Water Chiller do not really cool the liquid in as much as they remove heat. In the absence of heat, the liquid then becomes cool. The purpose of a Industrial Water Chiller is to remove unwanted heat in the liquid, and then carry that heat away so it can be discharged elsewhere. In every Industrial Water Chiller, the liquid is separated from the refrigerant by sealed tubes or coils. The liquid, in this case water, is passed through a series of sealed tubes in and around a compressed refrigerant of either freon or ammonia. As the refrigerant gas comes in contact with the warm water there is an exchange that takes place. The heat from the warmer water is passed through the metal sealing tubes and into the gas of the refrigerant.


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