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What is KElin doing?
KL company was established in 1997, dedicated in the promotion and design of compressed air purifying equipments, The leading product is refrigerated air dryer, desiccant air dryer, compressed air filter, water chiller , nitrogen / oxygen generator. KL air dryer company have the CE certificate and could provide the ASME code air dryer for customer.
Small refrigerated Air Dryer
KL small refrigerated air dryer adapts plate heat exchanger.Capacity 0.7~80Nm3/min, 2-10°C dew point,  less consumption along with low maintenance costs to operate.
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large capacity refrigeated dryer
Tube shell design. Good for 130-510m3/min compressed air line , Option: ASME vessel. Accept customize non-standard specifications, also do special gas like CNG, Biogas dryer.
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Small desiccant air dryer
KL have heatless and heated two small desiccant dryer for choose, heatless air dryer with 15% air loss, heated air dryer with 6~8% air loss, Dew-point: -40°C PDP, option: -70°C PDP ,  ASME vessel is option.
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Large capacity Desiccant air dryer
Capacity:15~400Nm3/min,  non-purge or 2% air loss for choose. PLC controller and Dew-point sensor, Dew-point: -40~-70 ℃ PDP, Option: ASME vessel .
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Compressed Air filter
KL filter provides high quality compressed air for users,  capacity: 1.6~500Nm3/min, 5 grade different filtering precision, which can be used together with KL air  dryer to meet the needs of compressed air in different industries.
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Membrane air system
KL membranes dryer / gas membranes  - compact system with low space requirements and flexible application. It's easy to adjust purity , low cost in installation, operational and time cost saved.
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Service and technical support
As a leading manufacturer in China, we also pay attention to cooperation and tech-support with top international brand
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  • Oxygen Machine
    KL KPO-25 is hot sales model of oxygen generator, which capacity is 25Nm3/h, pure is 93~95%.
    We have Medical / industry use for customer choose.
    Here is the gas station for medical cylinders filling at Customer'site. Our engineer provide the site service and training for oxygen generator/nitrogen generator.
    For more information or any inquire, please feel free contact us.
  • Large heat of compression dryer
    Large heat of compression dryer is good matching for Centrifugal air compressor, max inlet temperature is 170Deg.C, use that hot inlet compressed air for regeneration. Full system with 200W power consume. Dew-point: -20~-40Deg.C (PDP)
    Pictures is 100Nm3/min KXC-1000 for steel company. With Siemens S7-300 PLC controller and MICHELL dew-point sensor.
  • Compression Dryer
    2012 KL made first set of Zero purge heat of compression dryer with capacity of 120m3/min
    Tech support from Korea, Non air loss, dew-point: -50Deg.C, Testing picture at KL factory:
  • Box dryer
    Most of the mining work is done outdoors, and it is mobile work. Colin developed this box-type dryer, which contains a dryer, oil-water separator and filter, integrated into the factory, which is very convenient for the mining and mining operation group to transport, move and install the production parts.
  • Non-standard compressed air dryer
    We have professional designers specializing in one-to-one design of dryers for special industries line, such as high-pressure dryers, special gas dryers, explosion-proof dryers.
about KElin
KL covers an area of thirteen thousand square meters, having over 125 workers (16 professional management staffs and 15 professional senior technical engineers).Currently, KL company produced more than 8,000 units drying equipment and more than 30000 units filters & oil separator, (of which 30% are exported to the international market).
As a leading manufacturer in China, we also pay attention to cooperation and tech-support with top international brand, such like Parker Hannifin, GD, IR, GEC etc. KL company providing filtration, separation and purification solutions for your compressed air purifying management needs.
KL company providing filtration, separation and purification solutions for your compressed air purifying management needs.
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  • KL-AIR Attend IBS2020 forum
    KL-AIR Attend IBS2020 forumNovember 3,2020
    KL-AIR membrane is popular use for industries line: nitrogen generation, biogas upgrading, power, semiconductor& display, food & beverage and oxygen gas of health care & air quality control.
  • ASME refrigerated air dryer