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Refrigerated air dryer Details

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Refrigerated air dryer Details
Issue Time:2011-12-22
1 Refrigerated air dryer heat exchange \ evaporator
Heat exchange in cold and dry in the primary role of a evaporator is cooled by means of compressed air carried as a result of cooling capacity (with respect to this a part of the absolute majority of users can be a waste of cold cold) and employ this an element of the cooling capacity to carry considerable amounts of cooling Our prime temperature steam compressed air, thus reducing cold and dry cooling system heat load mechanisms to achieve energy savings. At the same time, low air temperature inside of the heat exchanger to become learnt, in order that the exhaust pipe wall temperatures are too low and won't appear as a consequence of condensation.
Evaporator is cold and dry portions of an important heat exchanger, compressed air is forced from your evaporator cooling, many of which water vapor condenses into liquid water cooled and discharged away from the machine, so that the compressed air to become dry. Completed in the evaporator low pressure refrigerant vapor is between air and convective heat and mass transfer within the low-pressure refrigerant after throttling device liquid phase happens in the evaporator in which refrigerant into your low pressure steam, the process of absorption on the phase change to the heat so that the compressed air cooling.
2  Compressed air dryer condenser, second condenser (straight into pre-cooling heat)
In the cold and dry becoming the condenser will probably be the questionable compressor discharge refrigerant, steam superheated refrigerant into liquid refrigerant cooling, so as a constant cooling process can be accomplished. Since condenser discharge refrigerant inside the evaporator heat, including heat and draw power within the compression conversion over heat.
Galileo Galileo) machinery, equipment industry, high-end brands - the ecu Quality (Galileo Galileo) machinery, equipment industry, high-end brands - European quality imported from Europe so carry on and update all types of products, technologies, to ensure while in the Also the international advanced level, the introduction of European technology company to join us on the basis of innovation, making our products better for domestic use, better and longer life for your personal product details and related information, check out our site so the condensation of load is way above the evaporator, the cold and dry sub-air-cooled condenser (air-cooled condenser) and water cooled (water-cooled condenser) two.
3  Desiccant air dryer secondary condenser (straight back to pre-cooling heat) inside of the heat exchange function of the appliance and in addition the same, the difference is between everywhere temperature heat exchanger is especially compressed air heat exchanger, while the second major like low-temperature condensation compressed air and refrigeration systems to cool down the high-pressure part, to ensure sufficient refrigerant about the cooling, thereby improving the machine's cooling efficiency, while avoiding contain strong machine condenser cooling attributed to high jumping machine or machine malfunction.
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